• D-STAR Reflector Live Monitor

    English provides you with a Live Monitor of all reflectors available trough the ircDDB network.

    Luxembourg has its own reflector DCS032 since 24th June, 2014.

    The following article will show you how you can check what's going on on the Luxembourg reflector.

  • Luxembourg D-STAR Reflector - XLX270 - DCS032

    XLX270 - XLX032 Luxembourg Reflector provided by

    The XLX Multiprotocol Gateway Reflector can handle DCS, Dplus and Dextra protocols on the same reflector. The Luxembourg XLX270 Gateway cross-connects the following Luxembourg D-Star reflectors: XRF270DCS270 and DCS032. You can use Module A, B, C or D but B being the most common one.

    Simply connect to the Luxembourg (270) XLX Multiprotocol Gateway Reflector by putting XRF270BL in UR (YourCall).  You can use DCS270BL as well provided your gateway is using the latest ircDDB server list.