What is APRS?

APRS is the abbreviation for Automatic Position Reporting System. While you can only see your position with GPS you can communicate your position with APRS. The radio amateurs worldwide have set up a network with digipeaters forwarding any APRS signal to other stations or digipeaters.

APRS Setup for Luxembourg

Recommended APRS Parameters for Luxembourg (since August 2008)

Unproto address for fix stations

For example at home or using UI-View.

  • For 1 Hop use:  WIDE2-1 (please don't use WIDE1-1 which is for Mobile stations only)
  • for 2 Hops use:  WIDE2-2
  • for 3 Hops use:  WIDE3-3

In total never more than 3 hops


Unproto address for mobile stations

  • For 1 Hop use: WIDE1-1 (the RELAY parameter has been changed to WIDE1-1)
  • for 2 Hops use: WIDE1-1, WIDE2-1
  • for 3 Hops use: WIDE1-1, WIDE2-2

In total never more than 3 hops