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"ELETTRA: THE MIRACLE SHIP" Award 28 Déc 2020 13:28 #625

from January 1st to December 31st, 2021

With the sponsorship of the “Guglielmo Marconi Foundation” and "Marconi Museum"

To President and Board of Directors

”ELETTRA: THE MIRACLE SHIP” is an international amateur radio award organized by A.R.I. Fidenza (, a Italian Radio Club affiliated to A.R.I., Associazione Radioamatori Italiani (Italian Amateur Radio League) with the sponsorship and the historical consultancy and supervision of "Guglielmo Marconi Foundation" ( and "Marconi Museum" (

As is well known, on board the yacht "ELETTRA" Guglielmo Marconi conducted numerous and revolutionary scientific experiments related to wireless communications, in a continuous succession of exciting successes that the public opinion of the time often interpreted as real prodigies.

Just think of when the great scientist, from the radio room of the Elettra, anchored in the port of Genoa, turned on the lights of the Sydney Town Hall, on the other side of the planet, using a radio signal. Or again, blind navigation in the Gulf of Tigullio, carried out by means of a radio beacon; without forgetting the radar experiments and microwave transmissions.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio defined Elettra “White ship that sails in the miracle and animates the silences of the world”.

"Elettra: the miracle ship" award therefore intends to commemorate the prodigious events that saw the yacht as the protagonist, in the centenary of the ship's official registration in the Italian Naval Register with the new name of "ELETTRA", which took place in 1921.

The name (the original one was "Rovenska") was expressly chosen by Marconi, who some years later also gave it to one of his daughters, Princess Elettra.

The award period lasts the whole year 2021: every month of the year is dedicated to one specific event concerning "Elettra"ship, and is associated to a different special callsign.
Further details visiting our official website :

We believe that is mainly interest all Ham Radio operators , so please notify it to your associated OM and /or your webmaster/website .

Best regards and merry Christmas and happy new year to you and QRA.
Cristiano Cornini , IW4CLV
A.R.I. Fidenza Radio Club President
"elettra: the miracle ship"award
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