LX Castle Award

Work as many Luxembourg castles on HF as possible.

The LX Castle Award exits in 3 different levels of difficulty. For each a different diploma is issued. Contacts count since Januray 1st 2009.

1. General Information

The Luxembourg Castle Award was issued in 2009 by the national organisation – RL – to promote radio-amateurisme and valorise Luxembourg’s historical and architectural patrimony.

For this award we count a maximum of  55 castles in 3 districts and 12 cantons.

2. Rules

The Award is available to licensed radio amateurs and shortwave-listeners.

Beginning is January 1st 2009. Two way contacts on HF bands (160 to 10 meters and 6 meters) must be established. Contacts made via active earthbound reflectors, repeaters and Echolink may not be counted. There is no restriction on the mode used.

Applicants should submit a list showing the date, station worked or heard, time, frequency and mode duly certified by two licenced radio amateurs or by the award manager of their society. Please use our application form available on the RL-website www.rl.lu.

Any dispute concerning the award shall be settled by the RL Board.

3. Awards

Three different award categories are available

Basic 1 Castle in each District (3)
Cantons 1 Castle in each Canton (12)
All All Castles (57)

Each award is numbered.

4. Applications

The application fee is USD 8 or EUR 5 .

Applications shall be sent to:

Radioamateurs du Luxembourg
Award Manager
P.O.Box 1352
Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg (Europe)

(Please check if your postal service is able to deliver mail to Post Office Boxes. Please also send an email to the Award manager to inform him that you sent out your application)

5. Castle Activations

Activation: Each valid operation has to take place from a distance not exceeding 1000 meters (1km) from the castle.

  • Foreign radio-amateurs who like to activate a castle are required to announce the activity by sending an email to at least 3 days before the event for validation.
  • Members of the RL must leave a notification in the RL Forum ( LX Castle Award Forum ) to make the activations known to the public no later than 5 days before the activation.

Exceptions: Those LX radio-amateurs, members of the RL, living in a town with a castle are valid for this castle. To see which callsigns are valid, please check the LX Castle Callbook.

Castle Activation Example

Illustration 1

Example: Any activation of a castle can be done in the inner limits of the Activation Zone as shown on illustration1. Whereas the castle is situated in Town A, the Activation Zone is valid 1 km around the castle. Therefore also the part of the zone that is located on the Town B territory counts for the castle for mobile or portable operations. Any Radio Amateur who lives in Town A counts for the castle, however a Radio Amateur living in Town B does not count for the castle, even if his shack is located in the Activation Zone.

6. Miscellanous

The RL will publish a list of special events and activations on its website. A national castle activation day will be held once a year to promote the award.

7. Castles and References

Ref. Castle Commune Canton District
LX-01 LUXEMBOURG-CITY* Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg
LX-02 ANSEMBOURG Tuntange Mersch Luxembourg
LX-03 ASPELT Frisange Esch/Alzette Luxembourg
LX-04 BEAUFORT Beaufort Echternach Grevenmacher
LX-05 BERBOURG Manternach Grevenmacher Grevenmacher
LX-06 BERG (COLMAR) Colmar Berg Mersch Luxembourg
LX-07 BERTRANGE Bertrange Luxembourg Luxembourg
LX-08 BETTANGE/MESS Dippach Capellen Luxembourg
LX-09 BETTEMBOURG Bettembourg Esch/Alzette Luxembourg
LX-10 BETTENDORF Bettendorf Diekirch Diekirch
LX-11 BETZDORF Betzdorf Grevenmacher Grevenmacher
LX-12 BIRTRANGE Schieren Diekirch Diekirch
LX-13 BORN Mompach Echternach Grevenmacher
LX-14 BOURGLINSTER Junglinster Grevenmacher Grevenmacher
LX-15 BOURSCHEID Bourscheid Diekirch Diekirch
LX-16 BRANDENBOURG Tandel Diekirch Diekirch
LX-17 CLERVAUX Clervaux Clervaux Diekirch
LX-18 COLPACH Ell Redange Diekirch
LX-19 DIFFERDANGE Differdange Esch/Alzette Luxembourg
LX-20 DUDELANGE Dudelange Esch/Alzette Luxembourg
LX-21 ELL Ell Redange Diekirch
LX-22 ERPELDANGE Ettelbruck Diekirch Diekirch
LX-23 ESCH/ALZETTE Esch/Alzette Esch/Alzette Luxembourg
LX-24 ESCH/SURE Esch/Sûre Wiltz Diekirch
LX-25 EVERLANGE Useldange Redange Diekirch
LX-26 FISCHBACH Mersch Mersch Luxembourg
LX-27 HEFFINGEN Heffingen Mersch Luxembourg
LX-28 HEISDORF Steinsel Luxembourg Luxembourg
LX-29 HERINGEN Waldbillig Echternach Grevenmacher
LX-30 HESPERANGE Hesperange Luxembourg Luxembourg
LX-31 HOLLENFELS Tuntange Mersch Luxembourg
LX-32 KOERICH Koerich Capellen Luxembourg
LX-33 LAROCHETTE Larochette Mersch Luxembourg
LX-34 MERSCH Mersch Mersch Luxembourg
LX-35 MEYSEMBOURG Larochette Mersch Luxembourg
LX-36 MOESTROFF Bettendorf Diekirch Diekirch
LX-37 MUNSBACH Schuttrange Luxembourg Luxembourg
LX-38 PETTANGE Mersch Mersch Luxembourg
LX-39 ROSPORT Rosport Echternach Grevenmacher
LX-40 SANEM Sanem Esch/Alzette Luxembourg
LX-41 SCHENGEN Remerschen Remich Grevenmacher
LX-42 SCHOENFELS Mersch Mersch Luxembourg
LX-43 SCHORELS Eschette Redange Diekirch
LX-44 SCHRASSIG Schuttrange Luxembourg Luxembourg
LX-45 SCHUTTBOURG Kautenbach Wiltz Diekirch
LX-46 SEPTFONTAINES Septfontaines Capellen Luxembourg
LX-47 STADTBREDIMUS Stadtbredimus Remich Grevenmacher
LX-48 STOLZEMBOURG Putscheid Vianden Diekirch
LX-49 USELDANGE Useldange Redange Luxembourg
LX-50 VIANDEN Vianden Vianden Diekirch
LX-51 WALFERDANGE Walferdange Luxembourg Luxembourg
LX-52 OBERWAMPACH Wincrange Wiltz Diekirch
LX-53 WEILER/LA/TOUR Weiler-La-Tour Luxembourg Luxembourg
LX-54 WILTZ Wiltz Wiltz Diekirch
LX-55 WINTRANGE Remerschen Remich Grevenmacher
LX-56 MAMER Mamer Capellen Luxembourg
LX-57 SENNINGEN Niederanwen Luxembourg Luxembourg


LX-01 Luxembourg-City *

Palais Grand-Ducal


The Districts and their Cantons


District of Luxembourg

1. Capellen

2. Esch/Alzette

3. Luxembourg

4. Mersch


District of Grevenmacher

1. Echternach

2. Grevenmacher

3. Remich


District of Diekirch

1. Clervaux

2. Diekirch

3. Redange

4. Vianden