European Community Award

The European Community Award is an official diploma initially issued by the "Radioamateurs du Luxembourg" in order to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the European Community.

The diploma is available to licensed radio amateurs and short wave listeners (SWL).

Application Rules

Each contact with a station from one of the member countries of the European Community, must have been made on or after the day of its accession to the European Community. 

  • Each station may be counted only once
  • Contacts made via active earthbound reflectors or repeaters may not be counted
  • There are no band or mode restrictions
  • For European applicants, each member country must be worked at least twice
  • For non European applicants (DX) each member country must be worked at least once
  • A contact with the special station LX0RL may replace a missing contact with any of the member countries


Applicants shall submit a GCR-list confirmed by two licensed amateurs, or by one club official. However, in case of doubt, the diploma manager may ask the applicant to submit the QSL-cards for checking purposes.

The application fee is USD 8 or EUR 5.

Applications shall be sent to:

Réseau Luxembourgesois des Amateurs d'Ondes Courtes
Awards Manager
P.O. Box 1352


Countries counting for the Award

The following list gives the names of the member countries of the European Community and the date of their accession:

March 25th 1957: DL Federal Republic of Germany, F France (including TK), I Italy (including IS, IT), LX Luxembourg, ON Belgium, PA Netherlands

January 1st 1973: EI Ireland, OZ Denmark, G United Kingdom (including GD, GI, GJ, GM, GU, GW)

January 1st 1981: SV Greece

January 1st 1986: EA Spain, CT Portugal

January 1st 1995: OE Austria, OH Finland, SM Sweden

May 1st 2004: ZC Cyprus, OK Czech Republic, ES Estonia (including UR), HA Hungary, YL Latvia (including UQ), LY Lithuania (including UP), 9H Malta, SP Poland, OM Slovakia, S5 Slovenia

January 1st 2007: LZ Bulgaria, YO Romania

July 1st 2013: 9A Croatia