RL - 75th Anniversary Award

The "RL - 75th Anniversary Award" was issued for the 75th anniversary of the RL in 2012.

Special club-callsign was LX75RL.


The event is over but the Award can still be reclaimed.

1. General Information

The RL was founded 1937 and was proud to celebrate its75th anniversary in 2012.

2. Rules

The Award is available to licensed radio amateurs and shortwave-listeners.
Activity is from January 1st, 2012 to December 31st, 2012. Two way contacts on HF bands (160 to 10 meters and 6 meters) must be established. Contacts made via active earthbound reflectors, repeaters and EchoLink may not be counted. There is no restriction on the mode used.

Applicants should submit a list showing the date, station worked or heard, time, frequency and mode duly certified by two licenced radio amateurs or by the award manager of their society.

Any dispute concerning the award shall be settled by the RL Board.

Each award is numbered.

Each contact with the Club Station LX75RL counts 50 points
Each contact with the Headquarter Station LX75HQ counts 50 points
(LX75HQ is only active during the Headquarter contest)

Each contact with any other LX station counts 5 points


LX75RL on 7 MHz CW

50 pts

LX75RL on 7 MHz RTTY

50 pts

LX75HQ on 10 MHz CW

50 pts

LX75HQ on 21 MHz CW

50 pts

LX2A on 28 MHz SSB 

5 pts

LX9UN on 14 MHz SSB

5 pts

LX1JX on 50 MHz CW

5 pts

Total Score

215 pts

3. Award categories

Bronze 100 Points
Silver 250 Points
Gold 500 Points

4. Applications

The application fee is USD 8 or EUR 5.

Application Form XLS, PDF

Applications shall be sent to:

Radioamateurs du Luxembourg
Award Manager
P.O. Box 1352
L-1013 Luxembourg

(Please check if your postal service is able to deliver mail to Post Office Boxes. Please also send an email to the Award manager to inform him that you sent out your application)

5. Operators of LX75RL

01.01.2012-15.01.2012 LX1KC
16.01.2012-22.01.2012 LX1EA
23.01.2012-26.01.2012 LX1HD
27.01.2012 LX1DUC
28.01.2012-29.01.2012 LX1KC
01.02.2012-23.02.2012 LX1NJ
24.02.2012 LX1DUC
25.02.2012-29.02.2012 LX1NJ
01.03.2012-08.03.2012 LX1KC
09.03.2012 LX3PR
10.03.2012-12.03.2012 LX1EA
13.03.2012-16.03.2012 LX1AM
17.03.2012-18.03.2012 LX1EA
23.03.2012-25.03.2012 LX1KQ
30.03.2012 LX1DUC
01.04.2012-26.04.2012 LX1NJ
27.04.2012 LX1DUC
28.04.2012-30.04.2012 LX1NJ
01.05.2012 LX3PR
04.05.2012-06.05.2012 LX3PR
17.05.2012-21.05.2012 LX1HP
22.05.2012-30.06.2012 LX1NJ
01.08.2012-10.08.2012 LX1NJ
11.08.2012-12.08.2012 LX1HP
13.08.2012-31.08.2012 LX1NJ
14.09.2012-16.09.2012 LX1KQ
23.09.2012-30.09.2012 LX1EA
10.10.2012-31.10.2012 LX1NJ
08.11.2012-22.11.2012 LX1LE
23.11.2012-16.12.2012 LX1NJ
17.12.2012-27.12.2012 LX2HB
28.12.2012-31.12.2012 LX1DUC


Online Log of LX75RL