1. General Information

The Region LX - Luxembourg has currently 4 qualifying summits. The Summits on the Air association manager for LX is Frank LX1MG.

Please address all questions and comments to the following email address:

2. Summits

LX-001 Steekämmchen Altitude: 456m Points: 4

Latitude: 49° 58 20 N Longitude: 5° 57 6 E



LX-002 Grengenwald Altitude: 431m Points: 4

Latitude: 49° 40 23 N Longitude: 6° 11 53 E



LX-003 Kiirchbësch Altitude: 416m Points: 4

Latitude: 49° 53 30 N Longitude: 6° 13 9 E



LX-004 Widderbierg Altitude: 386m Points: 2

Latitude: 49° 39 42 N Longitude: 6° 18 47 E



3. Foreign Radio Amateurs in Luxembourg

Holders of CEPT licenses are authorized to transmit according to their licenses and IARU Region 1 band plan. You may take a copy of your license with you. 

You should prefix your callsign with LX/. Holders of a Novice license should add LX6/ to their call callsign.

4. Regulations

  1. All operation must comply with the amateur radio licensing regulations and must use the permitted amateur radio bands of the country in which the Association is based.
  2. Operations must not be in, or in the close vicinity of, a motor vehicle. No part of the station may be connected in any way with the motor vehicle. However, the use of a bike (non-motorized) or animals to enter the Activation Zone is permitted.
  3. The Operating Position must be within the Activation Zone. The operating position must lie within a closed contour line at the permitted maximum Vertical Distance below the summit. (Typically the contour line is 25 meters below peak height of the summit).The Operating Position is taken to be the position of the operator.
  4. All equipment must be carried to the site by the Activation team.
  5. All equipment must be operated from a portable power source (batteries, solar cells, etc). Operation is expressly forbidden using permanently installed power sources or fossil-fuel generators of any kind.
  6. All SOTA operations are expected to be conducted in the spirit of the program. Where it is determined that an Activation has not been conducted in the spirit of the program, the points for the Activation will be forfeited and other sanctions may be applied.

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