English After having set your callsign (MYCALL) in your transceiver you need to register your callsign on the D-STAR Network. You only have to do it once on any registration server of your choice. Registration servers will perform registration on the D-STAR Network worldwide.

We show you in a few steps how you can register your callsign.

For our example we will use the DB0HRF registration server. Please do never register your callsign on different servers. One server is sufficient and mandatory.

Step 1: New Registration

Registration of your callsign: Connect to DB0HRF

After you have entered your callsign, email and password (remember it as you will need it a few times more) you will have to wait until your callsign gets approved.

Step 2: Check Registration

In order to check if everything is fine with your registration you can use following links:

  • Check all pending registrations (including yours) here: DB0HRF

You will notice that after your callsign has been registered, you still don't have a Terminal ID.

Step 3: Add Terminal ID

You can use the link provided on the registration check page or login to the DB0HRF server using your previously entered callsign and password.

Now go to the "Personal Information" tab in order to add your  terminal ID.

  • Tick check box on first row.
  • Enter a space " " and not an underscore "_" into the "Initial" field.
  • Enter your callsign under "pcname"

After that you saved the settings you can exit and check if everything is now fine under Registration Check. (you may have to wait a few minutes).

Your registration is now completed. 

Step 4: CCS7 Registration (Valid for both DCS and DMR)

Some DSTAR-DMR gateways require a CCS7 registration. Please register your callsign on RadioID.net in order to avoid any gateway connectivity issues.

The easiest way is to signup (if you don't have an account yet) or login and then under your callsign select DMR and request an ID. Please have a scanned copy of your amateur radio license ready! 

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