English xReflector.net provides you with a Live Monitor of all reflectors available trough the ircDDB network.

Luxembourg has its own reflector DCS032 since 24th June, 2014.

The following article will show you how you can check what's going on on the Luxembourg reflector.

1. On the xReflector website simply click on "Group Info" under the Luxembourg DCS032 Reflector. The following screen will be dispayed:

As you noticed, the Luxembourg Reflector has 3 Groups:

  • World Wide (DCS032 A)
  • Luxembourg  (DCS032 B)
  • Echo Function (DCS032 Z)

The URCALL column diplays the Reflector ID you can enter into your D-STAR transceiver in order to link directly to the Luxembourg Group. Simply enter DCS032BL as URCALL to connect to the Luxembourg Group. The "L" at the end stands for "Link".

If your local repeater supports DTMF call forwarding, you can also directly connect to the reflector by transmitting DTMF code sequence D3202.

After a successful link to the DCS032B Reflector, you can call and listen to what is going on in the Luxembourg Group.


2. After clicking on "User" the list of last heard stations are displayed:


3. If a user has a GPS sign next to his callsign, you can click on it and his location will be shown: