Competition announcement

In addition to the activities of FT8DMC in 2022, the RADIOAMATEURS DU LUXEMBOURG RL offers to all LXs and all foreign RL clubmembers the opportunity to participate and win prices and certificates offered by the RL
The FT8DMC celebrates its 5th anniversary. FT8DMC was founded on July 12, 2017 by Jo ENGELBRECHT, OE6VIE and Hannes GRÜNSTEIDL, OE1SGU (OE3SGU). Link to FT8DMC.

RL LXFT8 National DX competition

Organizer :


Events :

4th July 2022 00:00 UTC - 17th July 2022 23:59 UTC

FT8 :

Original announcement

Participants :

Single operators all LX prefixes and all foreign RL club members

Stations to work :

Each station once per band

Mode :


Bands :

All HF bands +6m

Output transmission power .

QRP 5-Watt max, Low power = up to 100-Watt, High power = more than 100 Watt

Notes :

·       DX cluster support is permitted for all participation classes

·       The transmitters, receivers and antennas used in the contest must be within a 2 km radius

·       Only one signal can be in the air at any time

QSO points :

Complete Log 1 point per QSO no dupes

Multiplier points :

LX prefix, DXCC, all stations with the FTDMC or FTDM suffix

Result :

Sum of QSO points times sum of multiplier points

Disqualifications :

Violations of the rules or unsportsmanlike conduct can lead to disqualification

Log format :

Electronic logs in ADIF format

Log to be uploaded to :

Deadline :

7 days after contest event

Awards :

1st, 2nd, 3rd price

Certificates :

Electronic certificates for all participants